Easing New Students into Campus Life at Elevations RTC

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Easing New Students into Campus Life at Elevations RTC

A challenge many students face when starting a journey at a residential treatment center comes down to finding comfort in a brand-new setting. It is one thing to think about how everything will go on campus, but it is another to move in and be ready to live months at a time at a new school far away from home.

This overwhelming feeling can make a lot of students uneasy. This is why the Elevations RTC school has focused on perfecting the transitioning period to make everyone feel a little more comfortable. From walkthroughs and discussions with staff to being put in a transition group upon arrival, what could potentially come off as a scary situation can be avoided in the end.

Preparing Before Arrival

There is quite a bit of work that can be extremely beneficial for students before they even arrive on campus at Elevations RTC. Being in the right mindset, having the right information, and more can help speed up the transition as much as possible.

There are plenty of resources online, on the phone, and even through video chat. The entire staff at Elevations RTC is easy to reach for any questions or concerns before showing up. They will be able to provide detailed information on classroom expectations, campus concerns, recreational activities, and so much more. Chatting over the phone or on video is a more personable way to gather information, but there are a ton of resources online for all new students as well.

With all the challenges that COVID-19 has presented over the last year, there has been even more reliance on correspondence through phone and video chat. The Elevations team has tried to do whatever possible to accommodate people as much as possible so they can learn about campus with limited time to visit. While these restrictions are temporary, it is still a huge challenge that so many are trying to overcome.

Gathering all this information seems slightly tedious to some, but a residential treatment center is something very unique for a lot of students. Quite a few are going through some tough challenges, and this might be their first opportunity to experience something like a residential treatment center in the first place. It makes little sense to not take advantage of all the resources provided on elevationrtc.com for people to comb through.

Transitioning On Campus

One of the more unique ways that Elevations RTC helps new students comes down to handling the transition on campus. When a new student arrives, they are put into a group with other new students to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. Known as Base Camp, it is the best way possible to make every new student feel like they have a safe, comfortable place to get over any issues that have haunted them in the past and turn things around sooner rather than later.

In the beginning, there are numerous get to know you activities that start creating relationships right away. Whether it is traditional icebreakers or team bonding activities, the goal is to eliminate any awkwardness right away. Students are going to be around each other for the entire day, each and every day. It is important for students to never feel like they are isolated on campus and unable to talk to anyone.

Once students are more comfortable around each other, the focus then shifts to the program itself. Discussing the level system at Elevations RTC, recreational activities, and so much more will give students a crash course on expectations.

Finally, Base Camp works as a great way to take a look at therapeutic topics for students. Each student has their challenges that they come to campus with, and overcoming those challenges is a huge part of the program. In some instances, an exact plan is figured out for a student while they are still in Base Camp. Others might take a bit more time, but the goal is to have everything set up for ultimate success as quickly as possible. Everyone has roughly the same goals, but how to get there can be extremely different depending on how each teenager operates.

How Students React to Base Camp

Since introducing Base Camp in 2019, student feedback has been extremely positive. Not only are students transitioning to the program faster than ever, but they are getting more out of their stay and making faster strides in all facets of life.

Base camp is still somewhat of a work in progress, as the staff, as well as primary therapist Tiffany Orozco, are always making slight changes to maximize effectiveness.

The quicker each student gets out of the transition phase, the more effective the entire program can be. Base Camp accelerates everything, without pushing kids through to the point that they feel overwhelmed. It is that balance that allows students to feel much more at ease and create a positive experience overall.

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