Mastering the Dive: How to Tech Spikes in Super Smash Bros.

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Mastering the Dive: How to Tech Spikes in Super Smash Bros.

Understanding the Basics of Teching Spikes

What is a Spike?

In Super Smash Bros., a spike refers to a powerful downward-hitting attack that launches the opponent vertically and at a sharp angle. Spikes are often used offstage to edgeguard opponents, presenting a significant threat to recovering characters.

Importance of Teching Spikes

Teching spikes is essential for preventing opponents from capitalizing on successful spikes. By executing a timely tech, players can recover more quickly, regain control, and potentially turn the tables on their opponents. Mastering this skill is particularly crucial for characters with linear recoveries susceptible to

Executing a Successful Tech

Timing and Precision

The key to teching spikes lies in precise timing. As your character is sent downward from a spike, press the shield button (L or R) at the right moment to execute a tech. Practice the timing in training mode, varying the percentage and spike moves to develop muscle memory for different situations.

Directional Influence (DI)

In addition to teching, understanding directional influence (DI) is vital. Tilt the control stick in a specific direction during the tech to influence your character’s trajectory after the tech. DI can be strategically used to escape follow-up attacks or reposition yourself advantageously.

Practical Tips for Teching Spikes

Practice Offstage Teching

Devote specific practice sessions to offstage teching scenarios. Set up training situations where opponents attempt spikes near the edge, and focus on executing timely techs. Offstage teching situations are common during edgeguarding attempts, making them crucial to master.

Mix-Up Teching Options

To keep opponents guessing, mix up your teching options. Experiment with tech rolls, tech in place, and missed techs. Predictability can be exploited, so varying your tech choices increases the likelihood of successfully countering spike attempts.

Recognize Spike Setups

Develop an awareness of your opponent’s spike setups. Certain characters have reliable spike moves or setups, especially during edgeguarding situations. Recognizing these setups allows you to anticipate spikes and be prepared to tech.

Advanced Techniques: Wall Teching and Platform Teching

Wall Teching

If your character is spiked against a wall, master the art of wall teching. Press the shield button just before hitting the wall to perform a wall tech, allowing your character to recover quickly. Wall teching is particularly useful on stages with wall-like surfaces.

Platform Teching

If a stage has platforms, incorporate platform teching into your repertoire. Execute a tech just as you land on a platform to reduce vulnerability. Platform teching can disrupt opponents’ follow-up attempts and provide a safer recovery option.

Practice, Patience, and Match Awareness

Consistent Practice Sessions

Devote regular practice sessions specifically focused on teching spikes. Experiment with different characters and spike moves to familiarize yourself with various animations and timings. Consistency in practice builds muscle memory and reflexes.

Patience in Learning

Teching spikes proficiently takes time and patience. Each spike move has its own unique timing, and opponents may vary their spike attempts. Be patient with yourself, and gradually refine your teching skills through consistent practice.

Match Awareness

Maintain awareness of your opponent’s playstyle and habits. Recognize when opponents are likely to go for spikes, and adjust your recovery strategy accordingly. Match awareness allows you to make informed decisions about when and how to tech spikes.


Teching spikes in Super Smash Bros. is a valuable skill that can significantly impact the outcome of matches, especially during offstage and edgeguarding scenarios. By understanding the basics of teching spikes, practicing precise timing, incorporating directional influence strategies, and exploring advanced techniques like wall teching and platform teching, players can enhance their defensive capabilities and navigate the challenges posed by powerful downward-hitting attacks.

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