Online Quran Learning Classes For Kids And Adults

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Online Quran Learning Classes For Kids And Adults

When we talk about religious education, we find different words, for example, online Quran academy, online classes of Quran, classes of Tajweed, and several different concepts related to it. Some facts in the form of questions become reasons about concerns for us regarding the learning of the Quran. There is a simple answer to both these concerns. The Quran is the book that we cannot deny as a Muslim, and it is necessary for us to learn and act upon its advice. We do not have any other way to get success while leaving it. Secondly, there are two methods by which we can get knowledge of the Quran. These two ways are the modern online method and classical or traditional method. According to the online method, we use information technology to be the connection about our teacher and us. According to the traditional ones, we go to seminary or Quran academy  where a well-known scholar is there to award you with the knowledge of the Quran.

How Is It Possible For Kids To Learn The Quran Through Online Quran Academy?

Being a Muslim, it should be our first priority to learn about Islam thoroughly. In fact, we should make the environment of our home of such type in which we can prepare our children to learn the teachings of Islam. It is a fool to think about the children that he or she will learn about Islam while his or her parents do not follow Islam.

Why is it necessary to make our children learn Islamic teachings thoroughly? According to the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, a person will be interrogated about his bad deeds; he will abruptly make a gesture to his parents that they are responsible for my acts because they did not stop me from doing that in childhood.’

In this Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW showed that we were responsible for the deeds of our children except if they are adults. It is necessary to arrange arrangements about their religious education.

Commonly, parents think that they have sent them to school, now our duty has fulfilled, but they are in clear deception. They have to be responsible on the Day of Judgment.

It is our responsibility to hire an online Quran tutor or online forum to teach the Quran to our children. This is the only case in which we can get our children to be practical Muslim. How can you kid learn Quran? There are a few steps here, which may be helpful.

  1. We should arrange for them an online Quran learn best forum that is of high importance for the education of the Quran.
  2. It is the responsibility of the teacher that he should make the student learn Quran thoroughly. The basic rules of Tajweed are of utmost importance to the education of the Quran.
  3. Noorani Qaida should be used to learn the Tajweed of Quran.
  4. Students should practice in the presence of teachers.
  5. Exercises have given at the end of the Noorani Qaida. It is the liability of the teacher to implement the rules and regulations of Tajweed thoroughly on these exercises by children.
  6. After practice, they should move to the Quran.

There are a few hurdles, which the students and teachers can face in regards to learning Quran online.

  1. The child can learn the Quran quickly as compared to a young man. Their focus and flexibility of the mind give them an edge on the older students, but it is not easy, as we understand. They need a lot of practice in the presence of teachers.
  2. The online system is the best system of teachings the Quran, but it has its own disadvantages; for example, the teacher cannot pay his attention as he does in the class.

The online system of education of the Quran is the growing system across the world. It has several advantages as well as disadvantages.

The Learning Of The Quran By An Adult Student Through The Online System

The Quran is a book of guidance. Learning the Quran is not only necessary for the children. It is also obligatory for our adult Muslims. We want to save ourselves from the fire of hell. That is why it is necessary to learn the Quran from the core of heart if one wants success. Success is to save himself from the fire of hell and go into paradise.

The classes for adult students are held due to the students, who have not learned the Quran at their younger age due to any reason.

There are a few steps, which is necessary to be taken. These steps are similar for children.

The first step is that it is essential to make them learn the basic rules of Tajweed.

  1. The proper knowledge of Tajweed is necessary to recite the Quran in an appropriate manner.
  2. The teacher is responsible for making them practice these rules thoroughly.
  3. After through practice of rules of Tajweed, they should start reciting the Quran in the presence of the teacher.

It is necessary for the learner of the Quran to take the course of Tajweed. Tajweed classes commonly comprise of 3 months. It becomes useful to learn the Quran.

There are also some facts which need to be considered.

  1. It is difficult for an adult student to learn the Quran as compared to the child. An adult student requires more consideration of the teacher than the child.
  2. Being a responsible person, it is difficult for an adult student to meet the online schedule.

Hard work and determination are the guarantees of success. An adult tool can use these tools to achieve success.

What Important Role Does Noorani Qaida Play In The Leaning Of The Quran?

Nooran Qaida, which is of utmost importance for the learner of the Quran, is the primary step towards learning of Quran. It comprises the basic rules and regulations of the Tajweed. Some people think that the learning of Tajweed is an optional part of the learning of the Quran.

The learning of Tajweed is an obligatory part of the learning of the Quran. Noorani Qaida plays an essential role in this regard.

What Kind Of Importance Tajweed Has In The Learning Of The Quran?

The Question surfaces in our mind why the learning of Tajweed is an essential part of the learning of the Quran, and it is called an obligatory part.

First, it is sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The meaning of Tajweed in the Arabic language is of making better. It means that struggle should be made to recite the Quran according to its given rules.

Prophet Muhammad SAW was the recipient of the book of the Quran. He was advised to recite the Quran according to the rules of Tajweed.

The Arabic language speakers intensely need to learn Tajweed due to the fact that the Quran was revealed on our holy Prophet Muhammad SAW in the classical Arabic language. The modern Arabic language speakers feel difficulty to learn the Quran because there is a lot of difference between the traditional language and the current Arabic language. That is why they feel the need to learn the rules of Tajweed. If the modern Arabic language speakers think that they need to learn the Tajweed to better recite the Quran, one can easily guess what our position will be who does not know how to speak the Arabic language.

That is why scholars recommend the learning of Tajweed.

There are two primary purposes for learning Tajweed. The first purpose is to avoid miss pronunciation. The Secondary purpose is to understand the meaning of what is being recited. Lets us describes these in detail.

Avoiding Miss-Pronunciation

It is necessary to avoid miss-pronunciation while reciting the Holy Quran. It is a sin to recite the holy Quran wrong. That is why it is essential to learn the Tajweed of Quran to recite correctly. Tajweed tells us how it to pronounce vowels etc.

Noorani Qaida can help us in this regard. It has many exercises in pronunciation. A lot of practice can make us perfect in recitation.

Tajweed To Understand The Meaning

Tajweed helps us to understand the meaning of the words of the Quran. It provides us the mechanism to derive the meaning. Moreover, the translation of the Arabic Quran in different languages is also available.

Tajweed is beneficial to understand the meaning of the Quran.

How To Learn Quran Online With Passion?

We can learn the Quran by online source. This is the widespread and growing trend to use information technology to learn the Quran. Every daring act requires determination and will power to get through.

There are some following suggestions.

1. Remain Positive And Motivated

If you choose the mood to learn the Quran online, the first thing you need to remain positive and be motivated. We should keep the hope of betterment even in the worse situation.

2. Making A Schedule

To achieve a better end in any doing act, it is essential to make a schedule before you start doing the act. While choosing an online mood, it is of vital importance to make a plan due to the shortage of time for an adult student. Try to stick to your plan.

Consistent action helps you receive a better end of your plan.

3. Do Struggle To Achieve A Better End

Doing hard and smart work makes us able to achieve a better end. Hard work, determination, and persistent action will bring us fruits.

Without these things, we cannot get success.


The holy book of Quran is the guarantee of success for all the Muslims. We should learn the Quran. We should also pay attention to the learning of the Quran for our children. It is essential for them to be a better Muslim. For this purpose, we should get the facility of online Quran academy. Online classes may be the best option.

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