School Websites Promote Extended Learning

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With technology becoming easier to use and much more affordable for schools to integrate into their curriculum, many headmasters, faculty, and parents as well, are finding that they can use this technology to their advantage. School websites are becoming more than just an online information platform, many schools are using them as extended learning tools. Students can use the school website to interact with their instructors, counseling staff, coaches and more. A school website is a much safer and trusted platform, ensuring parents will always know that their children are safe online when using the site.

Extended Learning

The learning process shouldn’t stop at classrooms and it can extend beyond the fences of the school ground. Teachers can use the school’s website to post learning materials regularly and require their students to access specific pages in the website. Many school websites also have forums where teachers and students can communicate after school or while on break or on holiday.


Homework can be done via the school’s website and directed straight to the instructor’s email saving valuable time. This also ensures the effectiveness of the homework assignments, making them a much more effective part of the learning process.

Class Scheduling

Scheduling classes for the next term can be made easier and much more efficient through the use of the school’s online site. Students can see which courses are needed and what is still available, and sign up for classes right from their PC’s or smartphones. Extra-curricular activities such as sports, music college, art or theatre can also be added to the platform, making it easy for students to sign up for these as well.

With the important advantages of an innovative and beautifully designed school website and how it can improve the learning process for students, a website is only as good as the development team that creates it. Hiring an experienced website developer that will listen and respond to your needs is important. This will ensure that your school website is effective at engaging with parents and students and at promoting the extended learning process.

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