10 Common FAQs on Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

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10 Common FAQs on Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

Technological advancements and global market standards have also increased the need for quality graduates. The recruiters and industries now demand graduates to have an industry-ready skill set. So, today, undergraduate degrees try to offer more than one just domain skill or expertise in a single undergraduate degree. A great example of this is — courses like BBA, which encapsulates top disciplines and skill sets that can make a graduate future job-ready.

It is widely popular as a preferred bachelor’s course for many. As a BBA aspirant, however, you may have many questions in your mind about BBA. In this article, we have tried to cover everything you need to know about BBA, its eligibility requirements, after-college job opportunities, and much more.

What is a BBA degree?

The BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a comprehensive combination of business, administration, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship domains. The BBA duration is 3 years and the course is relatively more affordable than other business courses but can land you a lucrative and promising career. If you pair BBA with MBA as PG, your career will soar to new heights.

What are the eligibility criteria for BBA?

The eligibility criteria for getting admission to a BBA course are:

12th grade from a recognised board

Minimum of 50% overall in 12th grade

Passing the entrance exam of the college (if any)

What are the types of BBA courses that I can opt for?

Yes, there are three types of ways in which you can pursue a BBA in our country.

Full-time or conventional

Full-time BBA is what the majority of students go for. It is a regular college education, where students are imparted with theoretical plus practical knowledge of the course.

Part-time BBA

Part-time BBA is an excellent option for someone who wants to do a job along with studying. Working professionals also take advantage of this option.

Distance or correspondence

Distance or correspondence BBA is for those who can’t attend college every day but want to continue their education. People living in remote areas or with personal limitations can choose this option.

Do I need to give an entrance exam for pursuing BBA?

While most renowned universities base the admissions on the score of class 12 Board exam some institutes in India admit students for BBA only through an entrance examination. The evaluation of every college exam may differ from one another; it may have tests, personal interviews and group discussion rounds. Here is the list of top entrance exams for BBA in India.

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  • SET
  • IPMA
  • DU JET
  • CUET

How much does it cost to study BBA in India?

The fees for the BBA course depend on the college and the type of BBA you want to go for. But, the cost can range from INR 45,000 to 5 lakhs for a full-time BBA. However, be prepared that the fee structure of every institution will vary due to factors such as infrastructure, teaching faculty, hostel facilities, subjects offered, pedagogy, etc.

What are the subjects/specialisations that I can opt for in my BBA?

You can opt for various specialisations in BBA. The BBA duration of 3 years teaches you business, management, behavioural grooming, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills. Now, if you are wondering which subject is best in BBA, the answer is that there is no ‘best’ subject; it depends upon your interests and the skillset you want to build. Sometimes it may also depend upon the college and faculty. Here are a few specialisation subjects you can choose from:

  • BBA HR
  • BBA IT
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Hospitality and Hotel Management
  • BBA Banking and Finance
  • BBA Hospital and Healthcare
  • BBA foreign trade

What is the scope of BBA in India and abroad?

As a BBA student, you will have numerous career options in management and accounting, analytics, talent acquisition roles, and the travel industry, both in India and overseas. With a degree in BBA, you can apply for several government jobs like Bank PO, manager, clerk etc. Also, in both India and abroad in the private sector, such as marketing companies, banks, financial organisations, and educational institutions, you can work as:

  • Finance Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Administration Researcher
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Research and Development Manager
  • Information Systems Manager

Is BBA a difficult course to study?

Most BBA graduates feel that BBA is not a very challenging course. An easy to understand course includes fundamentals of marketing, business and management, which are very easy to grasp even for an average student. However, the difficulty of an educational course is a subjective matter as it depends on the students and how she/ he can manage it. Study hard and put in an extra effort, and you will surely succeed with flying colours.

Are there any companies that hire BBA freshers?

Yes, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are some popular private companies that hire fresh BBA graduates, that too with attractive packages. Some of them are:

  • IBM
  • Genpact
  • Deloitte
  • E&Y
  • TCS

Is it necessary to do an MBA after BBA?

This is probably the most common BBA FAQ. While an MBA can surely help you in launching a career in business, it is not compulsory to pursue MBA after BBA. There are a variety of courses that you can choose from after your BBA. you can go for a Master’s Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, Commerce, product and industrial design, journalism, multimedia and animation and even fashion. While an MBA degree after BBA can expose you to more career opportunities, it is also necessary that you consider your personal preference.

BBA is a comprehensive course that is very much in demand. However, for bagging high-paying corporate and industry jobs, you must be job-ready with an industry skill set. Unfortunately, in India, only 49% of the youth is employable, indicating the lack of industry standards and practical knowledge in the curriculum. To combat this, Sunstone exposes you to the best industry-researched professional courses throughout India.

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Sunstone’s training programs are industry-endorsed to enhance employability. These programs are designed for hybrid delivery with an unparalleled focus on soft skills and personality development. Sunstone’s focus is to provide students with a holistic educational experience.

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