Here’s How Parents Can Encourage Children To Develop Talents at Home

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Here’s How Parents Can Encourage Children To Develop Talents at Home

Did you have a pastime when you were younger that you were really skilled at that maybe, in another life, you might have to take up as a career choice? If so, then why didn’t you? I guess it probably had something to do with a lack of opportunity or encouragement. Many talents get snuffed out at an early age simply because they don’t get adequate nurturing particularly from their parents. If you’re keen to avoid the same predicament for your precious one, stay tuned as we discuss how you can hone your child’s talents with fun filled preschool learning at home,

Your little one is trying hard to tell you. You just need to press your ear a little tighter to the door, so to speak. To this end, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your little superstar fall over herself when she’s talking about music?
  • Is she over the moon about certain sports?
  • Does she light up when you’re discussing a particular topic?

In short, you need to pay more attention to your conversations. It may sound like gibberish at times, and most of the time it usually is, but her heart is trying to tell you something.

Alternatively, they might not communicate their hobbies and passions outrightly when they can’t get their words across quite right yet, but they’re still passing the message. If you find your child particularly comes alive when doing certain things, then you need to start paying more attention in that direction.

  • Try Home-Based Preschool Learning

When your child learns in a formal school environment with a pool of other multi-talented kids, chances are certain things they’re good at may go unnoticed. Such a setting makes it hard for teachers to offer one-on-one quality time with each student. That’s why you may be best served by a parent child learning program that’s home-based.  This way, you can get close to your snookums, and have a feel of what they like and are good at.

If there’s a little Picasso stirring inside, and you find that your little one has a way with the paintbrush, then you’ll spot the opportunity to possibly turn it into something more. If you notice their inclination towards certain musical instruments, then you’ll also get wind of it and so on. The takeaway is that it’s important to be part of your child’s preschool learning so you can discover their passions and talents just at the moment when they’re breaking through.

  • Provide Lots of Encouragement

Plant a flower and water it. It thrives. Neglect it and it withers away before its bright petals have a chance to sprout. Your little one’s talent is like this flower. Your encouragement is the water she needs to fully blossom.

You’re good enough. You can do it. Nothing can stop you! Many a superstar are where they are today simply because of words like these and that someone believed in them right from an early age. They saw the potential that could be and urged them on to greater heights. Ensure your child gets lots of positive affirmation about their talents.

Words alone are not enough. Supportive deeds need to follow as well. For instance, if your child has an eye for painting, fuel her talent by stocking up on art supplies or taking her to art museums and exhibitions.

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  • Encourage Reading

There’s no doubt that learning is key to success, even in talent. That’s because talent needs polishing up to go from diamond in the rough to diamond in the sky.  When your child builds a thirst for knowledge, she tends to become a self-starter. Her curiosity grows, and her ability to function self-sufficiency also bolsters, which is great news for anything she puts her mind to.

If your child’s talent particularly lies in the creative arts, such as :

  • Music
  • Theater
  • Art, etc.

Then they are also likely to develop important communication skills and a richer vocabulary that will see them succeed if they nurture a reading culture.

  • Give Your Child Full Control

A lot of the time, parents often use their child as a conduit to relive missed dreams. Perhaps, you were great at acting and missed out on your opportunity, and are pushing your child down the same path to make up for it. This shouldn’t happen.

Allow your child to do what they love. Their passions and hobbies should be in the driver’s kids. It’s okay to suggest hobbies and interests, but let them have the final say on what they want to do and learn. When your little angel is in control, then the push to work on her talents comes from within. Instead of directing her down a specific path, you could offer a plethora of preschool activities at home and then let her make her own judgments.

  • Keep An Open Line of Communication

Is your child free to talk about stuff with you? One way to further encourage this openness is by being more receptive and less dismissive of your little one’s views and opinions. If she pours her heart out about something you may not be totally on the same wavelength about, be sure to still validate her feelings.

Remember, when your child feels like their opinion holds no weight, then they’re less likely to come talk to you. What’s more, their hunger for learning can also take a hit. So don’t ignore, discourage or put her down. Instead, uplift, empower, and educate! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be realistic about truths. Just be polite and patient about it.

Harness Your Child’s Talent with Vaekke!

Don’t make the mistake many parents do: leaving their children to figure out and work on their talents alone. A strategy that almost always never leads to the best outcomes. Your child’s talent is like a fire. Feed it and it will grow into an inferno. Ignore it and the potential will flicker into nothingness. If you don’t quite know how to provide the help your little one needs, start by building their early childhood abilities. One way to do this is through the Vaekke, parent-child, preschool learning program at home. It offers tons of device free learning activities at home and a depth of arts and crafts activities. These may help your child find her bearing if she’s quite unsure about their talents just yet. Visit the Vaekke website to learn more.

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