Types of Massage Therapy You Can Specialize In

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Types of Massage Therapy You Can Specialize In

Massage therapy can be described as the manipulation of the soft tissues of the human body, as well as its joints. It aims to promote relaxation and improve blood circulation. In addition, it brings other benefits, such as reducing stress levels.

Therefore, it is a practice that helps both in disease prevention and mental health issues. Through therapeutic massage techniques and modalities, it is possible to achieve a series of benefits that guarantee well-being, as they favor the release of hormones linked to pleasure.

Thus, it is an ideal practice for people who are looking for relief from their body aches linked to everyday stress. If you want to know more about the practice and understand how it differs from other types of massage, keep reading the article to find more information about it!

You can become a massage therapist, an on-demand, highly profitable course. The Massage Therapy Diploma offered are ABM College is one of the best courses to prepare you in this field. This article will help you understand the different types of massage therapies you can specialize in.

Main Types Of Massage Therapies

There are several types of massage therapy, and these vary according to their approaches and techniques. Thus, it is necessary to know each one of them well. They include:


Originating in oriental medicine, shiatsu is a form of therapy that aims to promote balance in the body and provide more health and well-being. During its practice, the massage therapist’s fingers apply pressure to vital points of the body, activating its internal energy.

When used in conjunction with other therapies, shiatsu can bring a series of benefits, as it contributes to issues with the functioning of organs, strengthens the body, and treats health problems, whether physical or psychological.


Also known as Thai, Thai massage is capable of promoting both physical and emotional well-being. This way, it can relieve pain, improve blood circulation and reduce stress. It is an ancient practice of Indian origin.

Its techniques are very gentle and aimed at stretching so that the massage therapist touches the body’s energy points and aims to release the energy that is blocked in these areas, which improves pain and promotes relaxation.

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Hot stones

Hot stone massage makes use of heated basalt stones. They are placed in strategic locations on the body to ensure relaxation and stress relief. The most common is for stones to be placed on the head, feet, and back.

In addition, sessions usually start with a simple, oil-based massage. Then, while this happens, the stones are properly heated and deposited in the body for a few minutes. The points at which these items are placed are called acupressure.


Aromatherapy is an ancient science that mixes essential oils from plants to harmonize body and mental health. It promotes treatment from the substances that make up the used oils, as they can stimulate nerve cells.

Thus, the areas of the brain that are linked to emotions are stimulated, something that reverberates directly in the physical aspects, causing a feeling of relaxation.

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