How To Choose The Best Dose of CBD For Your Dog Based On Its Weight

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CBD-infused products for dogs greatly help improve their quality of life. It also helps them with their mobility, relieves chronic pains in older dogs, and even helps the anxious ones chill out. On the other hand, when it comes to CBD dog treats, you always want to ensure that you are giving them the right dosage, the safest means to do this is to give your dog CBD treats based on their weight.

If you will be giving your dog too much of CBD, you may notice them going a bit groggier with a chance in their eating habits than usual. The most significant risk appears in the form of lethargy. If you feel that your dog is not acting as excited as it should be while it is going for a walk or being treated, then you perhaps are using too much of CBD for them.

To avoid all such risks, it is vital that you take into account guidelines on how you can administer CBD for dogs based on their weight.

CBD –Infused Products For Small Dogs

There are more than 94 small dog breeds including Pomeranians, dachshunds, and Chihuahuas. Vets generally define a small dog which is less than 10lbs. for such small dogs, there are CBD products particularly formulated to cater their body requirements.

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Approximately 25mg of CBD dose is just perfect for small dogs. Just add around 10 drops of CBD oil to your dog’s water bowl every day, or put it on top of their food. You may consider giving CBD dog treats too, either way, they would love having them.

Treats For Medium Sized Dogs

These dogs fall in the weight range of 40lbs or under. At this size, 50mg of CBD is good enough for the dog, which you can either add to their food or put in their water.

If your dog is smaller to medium, around 12 to 15 lbs, it is recommended to start off with a smaller dose. Give 1 treat a day by adding it to their food and notice how they behave for a few days. After that, if required, you may increase the dose. Learn more about CBD and nausea here.

CBD For Large Sized Dogs

Large dogs are the ones that are above 40lbs but less than 100lbs. Most of the vets agree that a dog that is more than 90lbs comes from the ‘giant dog breed’. If you have one at home, it is best that you consult your vet to ensure you get the right dosage of CBD dose for your dog.

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