How To Make An Instagram Content Plan In 2020

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How To Make An Instagram Content Plan In 2020

Within Content Planning, the “planning” is the part where you decide forehand what to do, how to do when to do and content is basically what you post on your Instagram feed. Content planning is a crucial part of IG growth.

As the quote goes – ‘If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail’.

This undoubtedly applied to your Instagram account too. Having an incredible niche isn’t enough. Having content planned is what that helps. Even the most ordinary niche, flourish with excellent engagement when they plan their content right. Planned content performs better than random unplanned content. It helps you set goals and achieve them systematically. Planning what to post, how much to post, and when to post on your feed each day helps win your audience’s maximum attention. Many people, who buy Instagram followers, consider it as content planning as it eventually helps them to grow. The basic of how Instagram content should be is creating top-quality and interesting posts which help or educate the viewers. Your planning should go hand in hand with your viewer’s interest and your niche.

How to plan?

Research: Make use of the various tools that Instagram provides you; one of them is IG INSIGHTS. Insights give you detailed information about the type of audience following you and also when they are active the most. Study your statistics. This will help you know what content will favour your followers the most and what time you will get maximum engagement. Many Instagram feed planning Applications are available in the Play store, you might want to have a look at. This will help you plan better and give a brief idea of how your strategy should be.

Attractive looking posts: Having captivating and eye-catching posts in your feed gives you a superior grip over your audience when compared with dull looking, common posts. Aesthetics make the users come back to you again and again.

Usage of relevant hashtags: Using hashtags is one of the prime things you need to real better fruits from your content. Instagram Algorithm takes help from the Hashtags you used to study you and deliver your content to the respective tribe you’re aiming at.

Time to post: Knowing what time to post and what day to post will exponentially accelerate your engagement. Your posts will be visible to the maximum of your viewers thereby, improving your growth. For this you need to keep a n eye on your insights and get detailed information.

Number of posts: Start each day knowing how much to post. And how much information you need to deliver each day or what you exactly need to show to your audience. Set a goal for each day. Set targets with each post. This will make your future planning smoother and efficient.

What to plan?


Authority is about developing interest in audience about your work within your viewers. For that, all you need to do is post a tip about your niche every now and then. Show them you know stuff and have authority over the information.


Show social proof of your professionalism. Post a screenshot of an appreciation or praise. Behind the scene. The point is to show you’re an expert in your field and you’ve been ruling your niche.


Had out samples of yours. If you have a client repost the work you did for them and explain what you did for them. This will help increase the feeling of transparency and credibility.


Show that you’re very dedicated to your craft. Be a dedicated Craftsman, not a sneaky salesman. Weekly post a video of yourself talking about what you learnt today or share your experience. Give credits to other Craftsmen too. Show something that others barely care to show.


Share things in common and share similar values. Show and demonstrate some of the things that you value in life. Use hobbies, passion, interest, personal stuff even if it isn’t your personal account. Emotionally engaging content helps a lot in order to gain trust. This will increase the likeability ratio.

Measure Your Returns

This means collecting, analyzing and studying the information regarding the performance of each post. The pages and brands who buy likes Instagram for their posts, keep a tab of every post to know about their audience more. Performance measurement is also very important. Without it you will never have an idea of what you are doing is fruitful or not. Check which hashtags brought you the most engaging audience. Also, keep a track of the views and viewers on your story each day. Keep a track of your performance with respect to every post in your feed. Know which post brought you maximum and minimum engagement. If your Followers are growing, you know you are exactly doing right!

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