Things You Shouldn’t Talk about When You Are at Work

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Things You Shouldn’t Talk about When You Are at Work

There is a certain code of conduct that everybody around the workplace has to follow and the irony is that people hardly have a clear understanding of the true intentions of people around them. People at the workplace might exhibit biases towards your thinking and this leads to a distortion or misinterpretation. The same goes for the people at work and who are part of your team.

This is not only limited to the workplace only. You might not know what your brother or any of your parents really meant about whatever they said or did or what your friend at college meant with whatever he or she said or did when you met them.

There are reasons that your HR department informs you about the code of conduct that a workplace has and the culture they follow. One of the major things is that you should be careful about hot button topics that might get you in trouble or get you in a controversial state especially when you are at work.

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Let’s have a look at the different things that you shouldn’t talk about when you are at work:

Political Parties and Religion

This is one of the foremost things that shouldn’t be discussed when you are out with your colleagues, friends and even at work. Talking about religion or political parties and their activities will never get you to disagree or agree in a discussion for the very reason that you have different views about these phenomena.

Even if you are someone who has evidence-based research and analysis and evidence on something about the two things, you will be needing to push harder to get your argument validated. This might create tension and even a conflict at the workplace or within the team that you are part of.

Ethnicity and Race

Talking about ethnicity and race in and out of the workplace is a poor choice of topic to talk about. Topics and discussions about race and ethnicity bring around emotional biases and might become a topic of irrationality as when you talk more and more about somebody’s race it creates irrationality.

Some workplaces take having discussions about races and ethnicities very seriously and intervene if there is any incident reported to them. Also, if you pass on comments or jokes about a certain race or ethnicity then this creates certain hate between all those belonging to the particulars and this leads to the creation of different groups that might not work together with the people of the opposite race or ethnic group. Your HR might intervene and get you the required penalty for being racist at work or for promoting racism at the workplace.

Immigration or Immigration Policies

Immigration and job security might be something that your boss or other people around you might take seriously and this can create stress at work. When this happens, there are so many arguments and people who feel threatened about this job create a lot of other problems such as people switching jobs, demotivation, depleted performance, absenteeism and so much more. This might also create uncertainty among employees as well which is very unhealthy and leads to less or no productivity.


It is only okay to talk about sex if you are working at a clinic that deals with sexual disorders, a company that deals with sex toys and related products and services. Other than that it is one of the best hot-button topics that you should always avoid. It is a known fact that men and women get to know about sexual intentions about each other and at times men are the ones who misinterpret a relationship when women think about it as friendship or friendliness. In this misunderstanding, they start talking about sex openly that triggers women and makes them uncomfortable. If that happens, you might get yourself fired from your workplace.

Talking About Superiors or Senior Management.

Talking or gossiping about your superiors, your managers or your coworkers might be something that can get you into hot waters. The worst thing that happens at a workplace is that there is always that one person that has the habit of spreading rumors about people around them. If anybody or your superiors get to know about this by any means, then you will eventually be in trouble and there are chances that you can get fired from your job.

Final Thoughts

In the end, one can say that your workplace has its own set of rules and your bosses and other people in the concerned departments are very serious about them. You should always behave positively and keep a professional attitude when you are at your desk. Once you are out of your workplace or in a social gathering, then you can have your casual behavior with them.

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